Contest organizer determines on his own account the membership of contest commissioners, performance nominations, the number of participants in each nomination and contest agenda. Contest agenda is placed in the site of contest in the section “Programme”.

Organizer has the rights not to arrange the contest in the nominations, where have enrolled for participation in advance less than five girls. The final membership of contest nominations and the quantity of selection rounds for each nomination are determined after finishing receiving applications for participation in the contest.

Organizer is able to define the selection rounds in each nomination, in compliance with the results of prior registration. The final number of selection rounds and their organising procedure are determined after finishing the registration.

Do's and Don'ts during the Contest

Incorrect and unprofessional behaviour is not allowed against organizers, judges and other participants.


1. Contestants are permitted to perform only after prior registration.

2. Contestant cannot perform in one nomination twice.

3. Performance in the contest is not allowed for contestants, who have not submitted to Organizer their musical accompaniment in due time.

4. Performance in the contest is not allowed for contestants, who do not have costumes.

5. Dancers, who have not prior registration, are allowed to perform in contest only if organizers have appropriate technical feasibilities.

6. In the nominations with age limits, the age of contestants is regarded as full number of years in the moment of contest arrangement. Organizer is eligible to ask documentary confirmation to the age of contestant (to show the passport/ birth certificate). If contestant refuses to confirm notified age documentary, the submitted information by contestant is regarded as false and contestant is dismissed from the contest.

7. Contestant is responsible for data accuracy during registration. In case if Organizer gets out contraventions up to awarding in the nomination, the contestant, who has submitted untruthful information, is dismissed from participation, participation fee is not returned. Any claims on given data untruthfulness after contest organizing Organizer does not accept.

8. Each contestant on her own account defines nominations for participation in compliance with these rules criteria.


1. It is not advisable for persons, who accompany contestants during the contest, to remain in make-up rooms.

2. Teacher of collective body, registered in nomination “Groups”, has a claim to free entrance in the contest. Data of above mentioned person are specified in the inquiry form of registration. Entrance in the contest process place of teaching staff occurs as scheduled.

3. All guests and spectators purchase tickets for contest at organizers.

4. Honourable guests and sponsors get free invitations from Organizers.


1. Chief referee and linesmen are hold in assessing commission of the contest. Chief referee can unite the position with linesman position.

2. Selection of linesmen is realized by contest organizers.

3. Linesmen evaluate the contest dance of each contestant, participation in compliance with criteria defined in these rules.

4. The contest dance is assessed during musical composition, from the beginning to the end.

5. Counting commission calculate the results.

6. Result calculation by counting commission is realised in accordance with sum of points, which referee has put for each finalist (duet, group).

7. Judicature in the selection rounds and finals is secret. Contest results in each nomination are placed in the site of contest five days from its organizing.

8. Contestants’ communication with referees is not allowed during assessment process.

9. Chief referee and linesmen are not allowed to comment the marks put by other referees.


1. Sequence of contest participants appearing on the stage is defined by casting lots in the contest process day during the registration. Contestants performing in two nominations in turn, the sequence of performancecan bechanged on their request, considering into account necessary time for dressing up the costume.

2. Contestants perform each separately in the selection rounds, which take place with their own musical accompaniment. Duration of contest dance is defined by these rules in each nomination separately.

3. Selection rounds in the nominations “Groups” (folklore), “Groups” (show-orient) do not occur.

4. Contestants perform each separately in the finals of the solo nominations.

5. In case if contestant is not ready to perform contest dance in the provided sequence, she performs it in the performance order for a second time. However, if the contestant does not appear to perform the dance, she is dismissed from participation in the contest. Registration fee is not returned in this case.


» to use the help of assistants, spectators and referees;

» to exploit accessories which may cause damage the flooring, using during the dance;

» to apply liquids, small objects and to make other activities, which may disturb performances of other contestants;

» to exploit accessories which is not related to the dance, also free fire, insects, animals;

» to go out of dance place (to go out of stage to the audience hall, backstage during the dance performance etc.);

» to use the elements of the strip dance.


1. Chief referee makes a decision to make dance performance for a second time.

2. Dance performance for a second time is permitted: - if less than two minutes has passed from the beginning of the dance, and costume of contestant comes unbuttoned and therefore she cannot continue the dance (only by Chief Referee decision); - if problems of musical accompaniment arise by Organizer’s fault (other composition is switched on, appears technical problems etc.).

3. Dance performance for a second time is allowed no more than once during the contest.

4. If dance performance for a second time is necessary in the selection rounds, where contestants perform in the place each separately, the contestant, who asks this dance performance for a second time, performs as the last one.

5. Dance performance for a second time takes place only immediately after the selection round, in which such dance performance necessity occurs.

6. If dance performance for a second time cannot take place after the selection round, by reasons, which depend from the contestant, this performance does not occur.


1. Each contestant (duet, group) submit musical composition for contest dance to Organizer with the length not less than 2:00 min.

2. Contestants submit disks with musical accompaniment to the person in charge of Organizers.

3. Contestants submit their disks in nominations, where all the contest dances are performed with musical accompaniment prepared in advance during the registration in the contest day.

4. Contestants submit their disks in nominations, where the selection rounds take place, after the announcement of the results of the selection rounds.

5. Musical accompaniment is submitted on the sound compact disc (audio-CD). Disk is submitted in signed envelope or solid case with signature. Text on case or envelope has to be included the title of melody. Also, the disc too has to be signed.

6. Disc has to include only the record of contest composition.

7. Musical disc should include detailed instruction:

» name, surname of contestant

» in which moment musical accompaniment should be switched on: “appearing with music” (i.e., music at the beginning; after that appearing of contestant) or “appearing from the spot” (i.e., appearing of contestant, posturing, after that switching on the music);

» the length of the contest dance, if it is shorter than maximum defined limit.

8. Musical accompaniment is switched on from the first second of the submitted musical composition. “Rewinding” or switching on from any other second is not performed.

9. If musical accompaniment goes beyond maximum performance time, which is indicated in the regulations of contest, then the musical accompaniment is switched off after the defined time ending.

10. Musical accompaniment, recorded on MD (mini-disc), CD-RW, DVD or CD, but not in the format of the sound CD, is not assumed.

11. When recording the compact disc on PC, it is necessary to switch off the function of the creating multi sessions and to lock the disk to the further records.

12. Contestants, who have not submitted to organizers their musical accompaniment in due time, are not invited on the place for the dance performance and are missed from further participation in the contest.


Participation fee is not returned in case of contestant disqualification for not observing the rules of contest, also in cases, when contestant refuses from participation or is late, or is not ready to perform.